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Can Girls Make The World More Peaceful?

Do women hold the key to society? Much is known about the victimization of women through rape, trafficking, and early unions, but much is yet to be found about how girls may be empowered in conflict configurations to bridge the gap towards peace. I lately conducted research analyzing female peacemaking and found that girls do hold a substantial role in the peace procedure. Nevertheless, this role isn’t long term, unless gender equality is institutionalized through quotas. A much better comprehension of how girls can alter conflict situations, and the way to create a space for them to do so, it will be vital for the UN along with other concerned actors in the coming years. 


The requirements of girls haven’t always been a focus on conflict management and post-conflict reconstruction. It had been not till 2000 when the UN passed safety council resolution 1325 detailing certain risks women face in conflict and determined to attack the matter. From this resolution, activists, academics, and policymakers started to address the particular burden of war girls carry and how an international community can also protect and empower them. The recommendation for female leadership in the peace process gathered more strength after success stories such as the one on women’s peace activism in Liberia. Google ads panama. A report by UN Women also strengthened the call for more female peacemakers by revealing that only 4 percent of the participants in the peace processes have been girls. 


Advocates for increased female representation state that girls are crucial since they bring a more comprehensive peace plan to the bargaining table by meeting social needs as opposed to focusing on what will make the warring parties contented. Nevertheless, from my analysis of information on Uppsala’s Peace Agreements, a few important challenges emerged that determine the extent to which females are able to aid the peace procedure. The results demonstrated that girls do have a positive and substantial impact on peace because encouraging their participation increases the likelihood of violence finish within a year by 24 percent. 


Nevertheless, constraints do apply. Adding a girl from beyond the conflict, such as from the UN or the African Union, doesn’t necessarily result from ina more durable peace agreement. Rather, local girls from conflict are vital to creating a lasting peace agreement. This differentiation is very important because it shows that female existence does not necessarily supply the key to peace.

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